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UK Pregancy: Expecting, or just plain fat?

Expecting Mothers in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland Must Watch Weight Gain

Watch out, pregnant ladies! The British Nutrition Foundation is reminding expectant women to keep an eye on their weight gain, for both their sake and the sake of their babies! As noted by BBC News, Bridget Benelam of the BNF notes that a baby bump is fine, but baby blob bellies are becoming all to common in the UK. Women and doctors have to face up to the harsh realities about the difficulties of pregnancy and birth. Because almost half of the women of childbearing age within England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland are either overweight or actually obese, more overweight pregnancies are happening. The UK lacks clear guidelines regarding the amount of weight that should be gained during pregnancy, and at what rate that weight should be gained. The ultimate health of both mother and baby should be protected, and balanced with proper calorie intake, appropriate exercise or physical activity, and nutrition. The idea that an expectant mother needs to ‘eat for two’ to make sure that her baby gets enough food and nutrition is actually a fallacy, and should not be followed in reality. Consult your doctor for more information.

Family Records for Engand, Ireland and Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales

UK birth certificates help you research your genealogy

If you are looking for UK birth certificates that are specifically English or Welsh because you want to know more about a family tree or a family background, it may be useful for you to consider working with the records kept in the England and Wales General Register Office, or GRO, for the purpose of getting a family tree template. Free template are also supplied by the Identity and Passport Service to help facilitate knowing more about family history.

Clearly outlining a person’s complete family history using one of these templates may better equip them when it comes to easily searching for the correct birth certificate since certain family lines can go back many hundreds of years.

Getting UK Birth Records, Part 2

Births, Deaths and Marriages Are Part of the UK Public Record

There are a few key points to remember if you want to contact the British government in order to order an official birth record. To receive a copy of birth records in the UK, you will have to know the first and surname, the date of birth, and (ideally) the birth location of the person. Also, you may need the National Insurance Number. Several kinds of certificates may be available for you to select.

For instance, in England you may usually get either a short certificate or a full certificate from the government. Based on the actual reason you are truing to find some birth records, the type of certificate may not be be that important to you.

Getting UK Birth Records, Part 1

How to find and order a Birth Certificate

Many people need to find a birth record originating in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland at some point. There are many reasons for doing so. Regardless of if someone needs to apply for official government identification (such as a driver’s license or a UK passport), of if someone wants to research their family history to discover more about their genealogy, similar methods of research are necessary. Knowing the specific steps you need to take on your research journey will help everything go smoothly and quickly.